So if you haven’t noticed we have a…

So, if you haven’t noticed, we have a new make blog, and a post on it that I think will be relevant to your interests. 🙂



Although today’s XKCD is relevant I thought the…

Although today’s XKCD is relevant, I thought the idea of having more clarity in the star ratings (like Amazon’s) would be good. So I coded that up real quick, and it’s live now.

So instead of getting just the count, you now get the rating as a number (3.8 out of 5 stars, for example), and you get a 5-bar chart showing the counts for each rating made.

Go see it on any plugin page.

If you’re at WordCamp Portland there will be…

If you’re at WordCamp Portland, there will be a unconference session continuing this discussion: 10:30 in the Bergen Dining Hall (downstairs).

Topic 3: Advanced Vetting Process

Topic 2: Community Feedback & Plugin Quality Metrics

Topic 1: Submission Process

Topics threads from today’s chat coming shortly

Took me a bit longer than I’d have liked, but they’ll be up momentarily.